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About the Park

The Park Has many amenities

Playgrounds and Splashpark

There are two playgrounds at the park - one for small children (5 or younger) and another for older children. The Friends of the Park at LeDroit worked with the city to renovate the playgrounds in recent years, including adding shade and also helped to secure a new splash pad that opened in 2021!

Common Good City Farm (CGCF)

Common Good City Farm (CGCF) is a place where community members can source fresh food, see sustainable urban agriculture in action, and gain exposure to concepts and skills to lead healthy lives. CGCF's mission is to create a vibrant, informed, and well-nourished community through urban farming. CGCF actively engages with all members of the diverse surrounding community and creates opportunities for connections on the farm. Amidst making community connections, CGCF emphasizes intensive vegetable production and modeling best practices in sustainable urban agriculture.

LeDroit Park Community Garden (LPCG)

The LeDroit Park Community Garden (LPCG) is located near the Oakdale Place entrance.  The garden was founded in 2011 and is part of the DPR Community Garden program. The LPCG is led by a seven-person Executive Committee and gardeners contribute volunteer time each year to help with upkeep of the garden. There are 57 plots available for assignment to community members to grow vegetables. LPCG is home to the Tricia Lynn McCauley Public Herb Garden and several fruit trees available to the community. Plots are assigned via a waitlist, with preference given to community members who request a Dues Scholarship in order to participate. Anyone interested in joining the garden can access the application form online.

Dog Park

The dog park is located in the Northeast corner of the park and has separate fenced areas for large dogs and small dogs. The Friends of the Park at LeDroit help maintain and improve the dog park with donations and volunteer support from the community, in recent years adding mesh to the outside fence and additional shade. If you’d like to assist in these efforts, or join the dog park committee, you can email


The park has outdoor exercise equipment along the eastern and western circulation paths. The Friends of the Park at LeDroit are working to improve the exercise equipment and add more accessible equipment.

History of the ParK

In June of 2008, after Gage-Eckington school closed. DC began the planning process with the community for the creation of a park. District-based architectural firm Lee + Papa & Associates selected to lead the design process. In October, Common Good City Farm moved into the former baseball field and in December, the Park at LeDroit mural debuted.


  • Demolition of Gage-Eckington School begins (August)



  • The Park at LeDroit opens, the LeDroit Park Community Garden open (May)



  • Neighbors water the trees in the park to help them survive the summer

  • Casey Trees and the LeDroit Park Civic Association and more than 90 volunteers planted 46 trees in the park (October)



  • The Park is added to DPR’s inventory


  • The Friends of the Park at LeDroit work with Councilmember Nadeau to secure funding for park improvements


  • The Park goes under renovation to improve the field, add shade, seating, plant new trees and improve circulation paths.

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