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Park Renovations - We Want To Hear From You!

The Friends of the Park at Le Droit would like your feedback on the concept design for upcoming renovations to the park (image included in this post). In response to requests from the community, there are several design features proposed to be added within the central area of The Park at Le Droit:

- Large shade sails to shield the play equipment from the sun in warm months, to be included at both playgrounds.

- A small interactive "Splash Pad" that will give kids a place to play and get some relief from the summer heat.

- Improved seating, planters, lighting and beautification at the center of the park.

Please note that renovations are currently scheduled to be completed by Autumn of this year, and affect the central area of the park and playgrounds only;  other areas of the park including the new field, exercise equipment, community garden, and dog park will not be affected. Please email any comments or feedback as soon as possible to

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